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The route of the State – Railroad in Sardinia looks more or less like a huge Y. The main route starts from Cagliari to Chillivani trespassing Oristano and finally getting separate in two stumps: one goes to Sassari and Porto Torres and the other arrives at Olbia and Golfo Aranci.
The train Station lies in the town center of Olbia. You can easily reach the train station by taking the busses number 2 or 10 from the airport (from 6.00 AM each 1/4 hour) until their stop in Via Gabriele D’Annunzio right in front of the large square with the train platforms. 
Main train connections:
Olbia Stazione FS - Golfo Aranci 
Olbia Stazione FS – Ozieri/Chilivani – Sassari
Olbia Stazione FS – Ozieri/Chilivani – Macomer
Olbia Stazione FS – Ozieri/Chilivani – Oristano
Olbia Stazione FS – Ozieri/Chilivani – Cagliari

For information about Timetable and Fares:
Ferrovie della Sardegna (FdS)

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