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Do you need clarification about our products?
For information on browsing within the e-commerce section of the Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport website, on the payment methods and on your purchases, read the General Sales Conditions.


1. I am a foreigner and / or resident abroad and do not possess C.F. or VAT number, how can I purchase the services?
In the case of purchases made by a foreign person and / or resident abroad it is necessary to fill in the place, date and birth status fields for issuing the invoice.

2. Is it mandatory to register to make a purchase?
No, it is not mandatory, you can proceed with the purchase without registering.

3. The field "I am not a robot" (captcha service) is not valid and / or does not make me finish the operation.
The external captcha service requires the correct compilation of the questions / selection of images, the session expires in a few minutes. We recommend browsing through the google Chrome browser.

Ask us for assistance, specific requests, complaints or suggestions: contact us by filling out the online form by selecting the item "Online Sales Support".
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