Car park rules

Geasar S.p.A. has entrusted to the subsidiary Cortesa S.r.l. the management of the Olbia "Costa Smeralda" airport car park system, including the on-line marketing and sales processes.

Parking is provided under the following conditions:
1. The paid parking is not guarded and is reserved for cars, with no trailer of any kind. With the collection of the entry ticket automatically issued with the day and time of entry and the introduction of the vehicle into the parking area, an area lease agreement is concluded, with the sole purpose of occupying a parking space, without obligation by Cortesa Srl of supervision and custody, and involves for the user the full acceptance, also pursuant to art. 1341c.c., of this Regulation.
2. All other vehicles, such as caravans, campers, vans over 5 mt. of length, scooters and motorcycles, they must request the park permission to the staff at the parking office located at the main entrance.
3. Cortesa S.r.l. It is not responsible for any damage or theft or attempted theft or damage to parked vehicles or their accessories (such as car radio, tyres, etc.) or luggage, valuables and other items left inside. Cortesa S.r.l. is not responsible for any damage caused by other users to parked vehicles, particularly during driving maneuvers. In fact, since it is unguarded parking and the automatic access mode is contemplated, Cortesa S.r.l. does not control the integrity of the vehicles and / or the status of the vehicles when they enter the parking lot.
4. The entry ticket is the only valid document for the exit of the vehicle and must be kept until the vehicle is withdrawn. In the event of a failure by the automatic system, the user is obliged to immediately notify it at the parking officer. Any consequence resulting from the loss of the ticket is charged to the user. The user who is present at the cash box without the entry ticket, after providing evidence of the actual stay in the parking lot and after exhibiting valid identification documents proving the legitimate possession of the vehicle as well as the report of the loss ticket performed by the competent authorities, may withdraw the vehicle after having paid a penalty of € 150.00, unless it is noticeable that the stop is longer than 60 days. In the latter case, in addition to the penalty of € 150,00, the parking rates for the period in question will be charged.
5. The parking is equipped with a video surveillance system for the sole purpose of ensuring safety, the driveability control, the safeguarding of corporate assets, preventing unauthorized acts and any form of danger to the user's safety.
6. The user is required to:
- park the vehicle in the appropriate spaces, with locked doors;
- use any space exclusively for the parking of only one vehicle;
- scrupulously observe the interior signs and observe the Road Code;
- expose in the vehicle an insurance coverage under validity.
In case of non-compliance with these requirements, Cortesa S.r.l. will have the right to remove the vehicle at an expense and risk at full load of the user, in addition to the cost of parking of € 20.00 / day or day fractions.
7. It is absolutely forbidden to leave, for any reason, valuable objects and flammable materials, animals or other objects in the vehicles that could be dangerous.
It is also forbidden: 
- To discharge and store objects of any kind, especially if flammable;
- Refueling, repairs, washing the vehicle, charging batteries;
- Park vehicles with tank leakage or other defects such as to damage the parking facilities;
- Park vehicles without regulatory plate or authorized replacement plate;
- Park the vehicles in the transit areas and / or in front of the exits.
8. Before withdrawing the vehicle, the user will have to pay the parking at the appropriate cashes, which will enable the ticket to exit.
The vehicle exit from the parking lot must be within 15 minutes from the payment.
Otherwise, you will need to make a new payment covering the time elapsed after this limit. The request for a possible invoice must be made at the same time as the payment of the fee, by filling in the special form available at the car park office. The withdrawal of the vehicle, from anyone who has made the presentation of the exit ticket, exhausts every obligation of Cortesa S.r.l to hold the vehicle pursuant to art. 2756 of the Italian Civil Code.
9. Disabled persons can park the vehicles free of charge in the special stalls, displaying to the employee immediately after accessing the parking lot:
- The parking mark for disabled issued by the Municipality of residence in validity;
- identity document of the person with disability;
- The entrance ticket.
Disabled users vehicles must be identifiable by a visible attachment to the original authorization mark or the authorization issued by the car park employees.
Vehicles parked in handicapped stalls without these signs will be removed at the expense of the user.
10. The maximum allowed stop is 180 days. In the event of a continuous resting over the 180 day time limit, the necessary office acts are carried out in order to recover the accrued credit, Cortesa S.r.l. will:
a) inform the competent authorities, remove the vehicle and transport it to another car park. The owner will be responsible for the removal and restriction charges up to the time of withdrawal;
b) if the vehicle is not withdrawn within the next 30 days and the corresponding consideration has not been paid, Cortesa S.r.l. will proceed legally to the owner of the vehicle.
Parking areas and their equipment must be used with the utmost care; any damage caused by the user will be repaired by charging the relevant charges.
The user is obliged to comply with any instructions or requests made by Cortesa S.r.l.

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to and for the purposes of the provisions of Legislative Decree n ° 196/2003, with the conclusion of this contract both parties are committed, informing each other, to make sure that all their personal data provided directly by the contractual parties and in any case related to this act will be subject to processing, automated and non-exclusive, solely for the administrative and administrative purposes related to the fulfillment of contractual and legislative obligations. The provision of the data is necessary for the fulfillment of the foregoing purposes and in default it will not be possible to realize them in whole or in part. The data shall be used by the Parties only with the procedures and procedures necessary for the pursuit of the purposes indicated. Such personal data may be communicated to public and / or private bodies in Italy and abroad, competent and titled with respect to the subject matter of this contract for the same purposes. Persons who may become aware of personal data are those responsible for and authorized by the latter to carry out the necessary processing operations or otherwise related to the management and administrative requirements of this contract. The foregoing data will not be disseminated (Article 4, paragraph 1, letter m of Legislative Decree 196/03). Communication can only take place pursuant to art. 23 and 24 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and within the limits set out in Article 25 of the same decree. Both Parties declare and mutually agree that, in relation to the processing of personal data referred to in this Article, they have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning them and their communication in intelligible form , To obtain the indication of the origin of the personal data, the purposes and methods of processing, the logic applied in the case of processing made with the aid of electronic instruments. The parties also have the right to update, rectify, integrate, delete and object to the processing of their personal data as well as any other rights recognized by art. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, within the limits and under the conditions laid down in Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the same Legislative Decree. For treatments performed by Cortesa S.r.l., owner is Cortesa S.r.l. - Costa Smeralda Airport - 07026 Olbia and responsible is the sole Administrator.

It is the faculty of Cortesa S.r.l. To move / remove cars for specific operational / commercial and safety requirements, without prior notice to the customer, and without the customer having to do so without any economic demand.

When parking the vehicle, the user acknowledges that he or she has been aware of and accepts all the rules contained in these Regulations, and undertakes to respect them strictly.

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