EYE sport


The brand EYE Sport introduces the 12th store opening its shop at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

Located on the ground floor (near the car rentals), it offers a wide range of articles of the "EYE Linea 4 Mori", characterized by the ancient symbol of the 4 Moors, which is gaining much popularity in several European countries. The "EYE Linea 4 Mori" is also appreciated abroad, and is currently distributed in Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Greece and Russia.

The refinement of details, the quality of the fabrics, the style made in Sardinia are the "EYE Linea 4 Mori"'s flagship EYE Sport. In addition to the items of the "EYE Linea 4 Mori", you can order those belonging to the EYE Sport Line inside the store in Olbia which in the race and in his spare time major team sports. The study of trends in the sports sector and the experience of the Company shall ensure that the EYE Sport Line was distinguished from its competitors by offering original designs and excellent value for money.

Opening times: 
winter: 06.00-20.00
summer: 06.00-22.00
Tel. 0789 621703