"K-Way™ is the rainwear par excellence: classic, contemporary, technological, functional, colored and "smart". In addition to the historical jackets with heat-sealed zip, which can be closed in pockets and made with waterproof and windproof, warm and breathable materials, the collections shall also include clothing and fashion accessories, which maintain the same features of practicality and functionality.

The K-way brand born in 1965,in Paris. During a bad weather day, Léon-Claude Duhamel, a merchant clothing, observes the passers-by wearing heavy rain clothes, with their hands occupied to hold uncomfortable umbrellas. Hence the invention: to create a rainproof object to keep always with you, but that is neither an umbrella nor a raincoat. It was born a revolutionary jacket - light, comfortable and perfectly waterproof - which, in good weather, it folds into a practical pocket and it binds around the waist. The product is immediately launched on the French market and the first year of marketing is great success: 250,000 pieces sold. The reputation of the name today is such that K-Way™ is one of the very few brands, definable "best known" (ultranotori) in terms of law, present in the dictionary of the Italian language.

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