Kara Italy Walkthrough Store

Food and Wine, Crafts. 

"Kara Italy" is the new "Kara Sardegna” shop. It is located just after the security checks in the new commercial area, after a brand new restyling of both airside arrivals and departures.
The new store introduces for the first time at Olbia Airport the walkthrough store concept, which is a new idea spread among the international airports. According to this concept, passengers optimise their time by spending it at the commercial area. The store, in fact, spreads along the path leading to the gates, offering the traveler the opportunity to purchase until the last minute, choosing among a wide selection of the best traditional Sardinian and Italian products.

Available categories products:
Wines, liqueurs, spirits, beer, soft, oils, conserves, oil, spices, bread, meats, pasta, vegetables, sauces, cheeses, smoked vacuum packed fish (mullet, carpaccio, caviar), sweets, tea, coffee, herbal teas, honey, jams, candies and delicacies.

Accepted Credit Cards: all.