Polo Universitario di Olbia

University, Training, Conferences. 

On the first floor “Olbia – Costa Smeralda” Airport is the Olbia Site of the University of Sassari – Degree course in Economics and Tourism Business.

The presence of the university in the airport is a strength because of the easiness of logistic connections and the proximity to tourist locations.
This particular degree course wants to form professional figures for the management of tourist activities, combining both general and specialistic skills on economic, business, legal and quantitative subjects.

Within the university site is the General Office (Admissions Office, ERSU, CUS) established in order to allow students enrolled in any of the degree courses of the University of Sassari to make use of all services in just one place.

The facility offers different services, as the legal and business library available to all users and the stage desk for the students enrolled in the degree course in economics and tourism business.
tel. +39 0789-648046