Time in Jazz Music Bar

Vegetarian offer associated with a proposal Grill and Snack Bar

The Time in Jazz Music Bar was born from the collaboration between the Airport and the Time in Jazz Association; an extraordinary collaboration that celebrates and emphasizes the excellence of the territory, created to make our guests' music more musical, and to take off the magical notes of the Festival in Jazz Time known all over the world to our national and international destinations.

Start with breakfast with butter croissants, vegan and traditional, handmade pies. We tinker with sandwiches. An area of exposure has been devoted to a choice of vegetarian and vegan preparations; immediately behind, a grid, in contrast, "springs" burgers of excellent quality to match with salads and grilled vegetables. All in an elegant and innovative location where one can not help but notice the presence of a beautiful piano located at the center of the stage with which passengers can demonstrate their musical talent.

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