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Discover the island: Sardinia a wonderful land!

In Sardinia is possible to enjoy a holiday in lots and different ways. The geological nature of the territory, its climate and geographic position make Sardinia a special and unique place. 
Everyone arriving in Sardinia for the first time has the feeling of entering another world consisting of endless spaces and majestic landscapes. 
Surrounded by the sea, Sardinia, in fact, features a unique, unmatched territory. 
The island, due to its insular position and historical events, is one of the Mediterranean areas where popular traditions are less contaminated by the outside world. 
Just think of the fascinating domus de janas, the origin of nuraghes or tombe dei giganti (the giants’ tombs), the Sacred Wells, the mysterious menhir dating back to the Bronze Age, in addition to a heritage characterized by ethnomusical traditions, poetry and literature in the Sardinian language.
Olbia is the entrance port of the Gallura region that is the magic atmosphere surrounding the Maddalena archipelago and cork oaks twisted by mistral winds; Costa Smeralda’s VIP beaches, isolated unchanged pastures; natural cliffs, prehistoric forms challenging eternity; Its gold coasts hide culture, traditions, jobs and flavors, people and villages. 

Do not miss the beaches of Sardinia: a sea far from the usual clichés. 

Dream of a sea where you can dive without thoughts. Dream of light and fine sand that lifts your soul. Dream about relaxing under a friendly sun. Now you can choose between keeping on dreaming or living the dream. The beaches of Sardinia are ready to spoil you with their delicate waves.
From the north to the south of Sardinia you can dive in a sea of beaches, all unique and ready to be discovered. From the fashionable beaches of Costa Smeralda, to the hidden coves of the Gulf of Orosei, every part of the island of nuraghi has something to tell and a sea to remember. 

For more information about Sardinia visit www.ciaosardinia.com
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