Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is located close to the city center, which is only 4 km away. The transport system provides convenient and frequent connections, not only to the center but also to the main tourist destinations and urban centers of the island. In this section you will find listed the principal means of transport and for each one of the lines and connected destinations.

How to get to the city

The bus service is provided by the company A.S.P.O. The lines which connect the airport to the center of Olbia are the number 2 and 10, with a frequency of about twenty minutes from Monday to Saturday, until 20 pm; after the 20 pm and on Sunday the bus runs every 40 minutes.

Travelling in Sardinia

In Sardinia, the transport system is primarily entrusted/assigned to road and rail modes, with shipping links to the minor islands. The main road network is spread over a route that connects the south of the regional capital Cagliari first to Oristano, on the west coast, then towards Sassari in the north-west, and Nuoro and Olbia in the north-east. The rest of the road network of the island, winds up among the high slopes of the hinterland and 1,897 km of coastline, offering breathtaking views.

Distances from Olbia to the main centers of the island:
Alghero 139 Km Orosei 86 Km
AArzachena 30 Km Nuoro 106 Km
Budoni 39 Km Palau 44 Km
Cagliari 266 Km Porto Rotondo 20 Km
Cala Gonone 110 Km San Teodoro 35 Km
Castelsardo 99 Km Santa Teresa di Gallura 64 Km
Costa Smeralda 34 Km Sassari 105 Km
Oristano 174 Km

The railway system of Sardinia is divided into a main line linking the northern ports of Olbia and Porto Torres, with the regional capital, in the south. Inside the island also operate the 'Ferrovie della Sardegna' on tracks of haunting beauty which lead the line gauge through forests, gorges and mountain passes.
From Olbia you can reach the train station with the urban bus (numbers 2 and 10).

Concerning the road transport system the main operator is the company A.r.s.t., which connects almost all the centers of the island. Tickets are on sale at the ticket offices, kiosks and other authorized dealers. The same company connects Olbia airport to Nuoro, but this route is also served by the Deplano company, that during the summer season also provides the connection to Cala Gonone. The Sunlines company reaches the famous Costa Smeralda, in addition to offering a transport service to Porto Torres. The company Turmo Travel, finally allows to reach Santa Teresa di Gallura and, daily, south of Sardinia.
At Olbia Airport, the bus stop for these transports is located outside the airport just 50 meters away from the arrivals.

Several private car hire companies connect the small centers with the most important cities of the area, with the provincial capitals and the regional capital. Near the arrivals is available a taxi service that operates 24 hours.

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