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Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport parking spaces are located right in front of the terminal, about 20 meters from the terminal entrance. More than 1,100 stalls are available to our customers.

The car park is open 24 hours on 24 and is divided into three sectors:
Sector A, long stay, located to the west, (in front of the departing area, partially covered, also available online);
Sector B, long stay, located to the east, (in front of the arrival area, fully covered, also available online);
Sector C, short term, the closest to the airport (not available online).

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Parking Olbia Airport - Regulations

The customer can access to the parking areas with his own vehicle by withdrawing the relevant ticket automatically issued at the entrance or - in the case of subscribers or on-line purchases - through the registration of the plate made through electronic devices.

Access to the Long Stay area (sectors A and B), positioned 50 meters from the terminal,
can be purchased directly at the parking office, open every day from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm, or ONLINE, both as a single stop and as a season ticket (annual, six-monthly, quarterly and monthly).

The parking area Short Stay (sector C) positioned 20 meters from the terminal, allows up to a maximum of three daily free entries within 10 minutes of parking.
All stops over 10 minutes are regulated at a rate of € 1 every additional 10 minutes, for the first two hours.
Vehicles that exceed the limit of 3 daily entries will be monitored with an automatic license plate recognition system and will be subject to a fee of € 6 (six) per single pass, in accordance with the Enac Ordinance of 1/2019 / OLB: “in consideration of the safety requirements of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the characteristics of vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the terminal, entry with free allowance is permitted up to a cumulative maximum of 3 (three) entries per day by the same vehicle ”.
Over the third entries, the fee will be charged according to the rules of the related area without any deductible. "

Exiting the parking, payment can be made in three different ways:
- in the manned parking office from 07.00 to 23.00, located at the Long Stay parking area;
- at the automatic pay stations positioned at the main entrance of the car park, or in the pedestrian walkways leading to the terminal or at the car park short-stay exit;
- or following the procedure indicated, directly at the automatic column or in the automatic pay stations by credit card.

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted but at the moment it is not possible to use the ATM.

The automatic cash registers are very easy to use, just insert the coupon in the space provided and follow all the instructions that appear on the monitor. The automatic cashier accepts payments with coins, banknotes of 5, 10, 20 and 50 euros or credit card linked to the main circuits.
After making the payment at the automatic pay stations you’ll have about 10 minutes to leave the car park, after this interval the parking will be calculated according to the current hourly rate.

For further details, refer to the Parking Regulations available in pdf format at the following link and the Enac Ordinance, available at the following link.

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Car park rules
Procedure for the withdrawal and use of the prepaid ticket

Driveability Ordinances
Ordinanza ENAC n. 2/2016/OLB - Chiusura Accesso INPS-INAIL


A 454
B 457
C 168


Price per hours sector A and B (long term)

Up to 1 h € 2,50
Up to 2 h € 4,50
Up to 3 h € 6,50
from 4° - 24° h € 0,50 per hour

Price per day sector A and B (long term)

1 day 24 h € 16,50
2 days 48 h € 26,50
3 days 72 h € 34,50
from 4th day every 24 h € 3,00

Price sector C (short term)

First 10 min Free Only for the first 3 daily entries. From the 4th € 6,00 each
Up to 60 min € 1,00 every 10 min
from 2nd to 12th h € 2,00 per hour
1 day every 24 h € 27,00

Subscription - Sector A & B

DESCRIPTIONLow Season (01/10 - 31/05) High Season(01/06 - 30/09)
Monthly € 49,00 € 79,00 Purchasable until 05/05
Trimonthly € 220,00 € 220,00
Semestral € 420,00 € 420,00
€ 690,00 € 690,00
Low Season -
8 months
€ 390,00 € 390,00 Purchasable until 05/10
High Season - 
4 months
€ 299,00€ 299,00

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