Check-in and Boarding


For security reasons it is forbidden to carry on board of the aircraft the following objects:
toys or replica guns (plastic or metal), catapults, household cutlery, knives with blades of any length, plastic knives, razor blades, tradesmen's tools, darts, scissors, hypodermic syringes, knitting needles, sporting bats, billiard, etc…
Furthermore, it is on discretion the security personnel to forbid anything which might be considered a dangerous object and represent a danger for the flight security.


The check-in procedure usually opens 2 hours before the flight’s departure, but, in some special case, this limit could be advanced.

 It is recommended to arrive at the   the Check-in:

  • - At least 1 hour in advance for National Flights
  • - At least 2 hours in advance for International Flights
  • - At least 1 hour in advance for Special needs (stretchers, blind or people with disabilities)

At check-in, passengers receive their boarding cards, that indicates the time expected for the embark and the gate. The time limit for the check-in is 35 minutes before the departure. However it depends on the airways company regulation, so it is always recommended to ask the carrier for possible doubts or explanations.


The embark takes place about 30 minutes before the departure.
Once check-in has been completed, passengers should be in the departures area at least 15 minutes prior to boarding time.

Boarding cards are required for boarding and should be kept within easy reach together with any necessary personal identification. At the gate, the boarding cards are collected by airport personnel and the passenger maintains the stub indicating his or her assigned seat on the flight.

Redelivery luggage

Stowed luggage has to be collect at the conveyor belts located in the Air Side. Above each belt there is a screen where the flight and destination of arrival of the luggage are indicated.
Before the departure, please, contact your airways companies to know its maximum weight allowed.
Passengers are requested to attach label with their own name and address to each bag and check for registered luggage receipts.
In case of missed arrival the Lost & Found Office will manage the research and the assistance to relieve the troubles. It is therefore important to do the complaint about the damage or the loss right after your arrive at the airport.


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