During the Flight

Well being on a journey

Facing a trip in the right sanity and physically condition helps your journey to free yourself by the stress accumulated during the frenetic life of all the days. Here are some tricks about how to relax and prepare yourself to live an incredible holiday in Sardinia!

Before the flight

  • · Plan your flight in advance, trying to travel during daytime.
    · Avoid stressing and tiring activities the day before you trip.
    · Don’t’ smoke
    · Take all the necessary time to do all the formalities regarding your flight, so you could face your trip in the best mental condition.
    · Put eyeglasses instead of contact lens to avoid eye irritations.
    · Dress comfortable clothes, avoiding tight clothes and using comfortable shoes. Put a heavy pullover in you hand luggage, because the air conditioned could be very strong.
    · If you are scared by air sickness book, if possible, the seat on the wings, where you will feel less the rolling in case of disturbance.
    · If you suffer of hand problems as pain or stiffness bring with you a soft ball to squeeze during the flight.
    · If you have circulation disorders dress surgical stockings.
    · After the check in walk around the terminal to prepare you to be seated for a long period.

During the flight

  • · Ask to the crew the special pillow if you suffer from cervical pain.
    · Don’t smoke during the flight. Some of the main airways companies offer a substitutive product, able to mitigate the nicotine abstencion effects.
    · Don’t tight too much your belt. It could obstacle the blood circulation.
    · Stretch your arms and legs. Every 30 minutes stand up and walk up and down the air corridor, or make easy stretching exercises
    · Drink a lot of water, better if in small doses.
    · Don’t drink too much alcoholic drinks, because they will be adsorbed faster by the organism for the low air pressure in the plane and the dehydration cause by the air conditioned.
    · Limit the consumption of cigarettes
    · The noise of the motors could be irritating. We suggest to bring ear plugs or listen to a relaxing music program.

After the arrival

· Walk slowly inside the airport to reactive blood circulation
· Seat comfortably and stand your feet up if possible.
· Have a rest if you did a long trip.

For every problems remember that the First Aid area at the Olbia Airport is located in the middle of the terminal, near the bar.


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