Conditions for luggage transport

The ICAO (International civil Aviation Organization) regulation states that is permitted one piece of hand luggage not exceeding the dimension of 115 cm (lenght+width+height). The maximum width allowed depends on the airways company, so we suggest to contact it for further detail. Air Italy allows an hand luggage of 8 kg. For security reasons it is not allowed in hand luggage peaked or sharp items which could be used as weapon (knives, all kind of scissor, cork-screw ). Above mentioned items could be transported in checked baggage otherwise passengers run the risk of being rejected at security control.
Each passenger easyJet is usually permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 55x40x20cm. There is no weight restriction, within reasonable limits - i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance.

Following items may be carried in addition to the hand luggage : • A lady’s handbag or e document folder or a portable Personal Computer; • A camera, a videocamera or a CD player; • An overcoat or a raincoat; • An umbrella or a walking stick; • A pair of crutches; • Baby food necessary for the flight; • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight; • Any items purchased at the airport shops (small quantities).


All you need to know about luggage transportation

Free luggage allowance must not exceed the maximum limits (weight, pieces and dimension) allowed by the airlines rules. For national flights you can usually carry only two luggage to stow. Their weight should be 20 Kg for traditional airways companies and 15 kg for low cost carriers. An overweight charge must be paid at the ticket office, if the weight or pieces exceed free allowance. Before the departure, please, contact your airways companies to know its maximum weight allowed. Passengers are requested to attach label with their own name and address to each bag and check for registered luggage receipts. In case of luggage’s loss, contact immediately the Airport Lost & Found office.

For more information on CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE, please consult the web pages of the major airline companies operating at the airport of Olbia.

Dangerous articles not permitted in your luggage.
Please do not accept items from any person to carry on your flight.

It is possible to place it on the seat near yours. Must be booked an extra seat and pay an additional ticket. Weight of luggage must not exceed 75 Kg and no extra weight is permitted. SPORTS EQUIPMENT: are considered sports equipments bicycles (packed is special cases with folded handlebars and pedals), surfs, windsurfs (packed if possible), skiing and golf equipment, diving equipment (diving bottles completely deflated and lamps without batteries). MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: If your instrument does not exceed one meter length it is possible to take it on board as hand luggage. If it exceed the allowed size it must be boarded as checked luggage.

Firearms and ammunitions can only be carried as checked luggage. Firearms are only accepted if unloaded, dismantled and stored in appropriate locked metal containers. A special procedure for the acceptance of arms and ammunitions is applied. Passengers must show a special permission (gun license) to the local authorities and identify themselves by ID card. Passenger must to declare the arms before the check in and has to give them to the Border Police or to the Airport Police.
Olbia Airport Police Office stands in centre of the new terminal, on the commercial area. For more information ph. +39 0789 641 059
Italian police

New EU Security Rules in the Airports: a brief guide to help you
The new rules apply from Monday, 6 November 2006 at all airports in the EU and in Norway, Ireland and Switzerland until further notice. 

In order to protect passengers from the new terrorist threat posed by explosives in a liquid form, the European Union has adopted new safety rules that limit the amount of liquid substances that can be carried beyond the airport security checkpoints. Each passenger and its hand luggage will be checked to identify, in addition to other items already prohibited by current legislation, any liquid substances. The new rules put no limit to the liquid substances that can be purchased at stores located in areas beyond the control points or aboard the aircraft used by airlines belonging to the European Union. t is best not to open the sealed envelopes in which these products will be packaged and retain their proof of purchase before reaching the final destination. Otherwise, by passing through any intermediate airports, the purchased liquids could be seized at security checks.

While there are no restrictions on liquids placed in the luggage compartment, in hand luggage, subjected to airport security checks, the permitted liquids are instead in small quantities. They should be contained in containers each of a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters (1/10 liter) or equivalent (eg 100 grams). The containers in question must be placed in a transparent, easily retractable plastic bag with a capacity not exceeding 1 liter (approximately 18 x 20 cm). For each passenger (including infants), only one plastic bag of the above dimensions will be allowed (see illustration).

• water and other beverages, soups, syrups
• creams, lotions and oils
• perfumes
• sprays
• Gel, including those for hair and shower
• Containers under pressure, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
• Pasta substances, including toothpaste
• mixtures of liquids and solids, mascara, any other product of similar consistency.
They can be transported outside the bag, and are not subject to volume restrictions, medicines and liquids prescribed for dietetic purposes, such as baby foods. You may need to provide proof of the actual necessity and authenticity of such articles.

At the airport
In order to facilitate the checks it is mandatory:
• Provide safety controls to all liquids transported as hand luggage so that they are examined;
• remove jacket and overcoat; they will be subjected to inspection separately;
• Take out handheld laptops and other large and large electrical and electronic devices: they will be inspected separately from hand luggage.

Geasar asks to all Passengers to collaborate with security officers and airport personnel.
This document was developed on the basis of the "New EU Security Rules at Airports", prepared by the European Commission, the European Airlines Association and the International Airport Association. Its content is informative and summarizes the main elements contained in EU legislation; Any legal action or complaint must therefore be based solely on the actual text of the law (Reg. CE 1546/2006 del 4 ottobre 2006).

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