Sardinia Tourism Call 2 Action

7 training sessions for the promotion of tourism in Sardinia

Beginning on 4 April 2018 at the MBC Congress Centre located in Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, the event “Sardinia Tourism Call 2 Action”, aimed at operators, institutions and professional figures from the tourism sector. Seven training courses for the promotion of tourism in Sardinia with specific focus on target markets, with Josep Ejarque, an important and respected consultant for destination management and tourist marketing, as scientific coordinator.
Each stage of this event is set out in five very distinct elements aimed at a better understanding of international tourist trends and provide attendees with additional tools for the development of new and ever-more competitive tourist services:

1. Development of tourist themes, with the contribution of speakers, spokespersons and authoritative experts. Villages and rural tourism, active tourism, wine and food, golf and sailing, pilgrimage tourism, and cultural tourism and archaeology are the themes for 2018.
Operational partners: Galgano Group and SPS.

2. Themed exhibitions and expositions in the Artport space located in Olbia Airport, which are aimed at motivating passengers and visitors to plan alternative, content-rich holidays;

3. Focused discussions regarding the individual target markets, with a quick focus on 6 markets, 5 of which are European (France, Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, Spain) and one non-European, China.
A seventh appointment offers an innovative Coaching project set out in two sessions dedicated to the development of tourist services for the German market.
Operational partners: NITReiseanalyse, IAS - EnergetiCoaching.

4. PDPiT DIPLOMA The first integrated training programme for management, tourist themes and focus on target markets. It is a programme set out over 10 modules of Advanced Training which will lead to the attaining of the first official certificate for Professional Development Program in Tourism (PDPiT), through contributions from professors, experts, scholars and communicators.
Operational partners: Galgano Group and Sps
Download the PDPit Training Agreement

5. An Educational Tour
developed in collaboration with the 35 tourism operators of the MICE Sardegna network who, for each theme, will develop courses dedicated to tour operators and sector journalists, examining methods to promote the appeal of the destination.

Operational partner: MICE Sardegna network.

Structure of the thematic tourist modules
Each individual event will be configured as follows:
- First day: tourist management module and module on the detailed study of how to approach the market as per the programme (the individual modules provide for the participation of professors from the Bocconi, Ca’ Foscari, University of Trento, Ciset, University of Naples, University of Olbia);
- Second day: thematic module of detailed study with case histories, first-hand accounts, best practice, and round tables with international experts;
- Third day: dedicated to educational tours and reserved for foreign journalists and operators.

Participation requirements
Participation in all modules is free of charge, but places are limited. You can apply to enrol by filling in the appropriate form for each individual event, by clicking on the date of interest, providing your details, and requesting enrolment.
If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email which will allow you to enter the Sardinia Tourism C2A community and receive programme updates.

By confirming your request to participate, you undertake to accept the conditions of enrolment, in particular to duly inform us of your eventual non-participation in order to not deny others the opportunity to attend the relative event. Cancellations are accepted if sent to: [email protected] at least 7 days before the selected event.
Geasar holds the right to suspend any participation in other scheduled events at any time for substantiated reasons or due to unjustified absence.

Enrolments for the events will be open from 9 March 2018.

Calendar (downloadable PDF)

4-5-6 April 2018
· Authentic villages
· 1st management module
· Analysis of the French market

Coaching Programme organised by Energetic Coaching - IAS

First Session
18-19 April 2018
Olbia Airport
German market

23-24-25 May 2018
· Cultural tourism and archaeology
· 2nd management module
· Analysis of the Chinese market

20-21-22 June 2018
· Wine and food
· 3rd management module
· Analysis of the Dutch market

26-27-28 September 2018
· Sailing & golf
· 4th management module
· Analysis of the UK market

24-25-26 October 2018
· Active tourism
· 5th management module
· Analysis of the Swiss market

21-22-23 November 2018
· Pilgrimage tourism
· 6th management module
· Analysis of the Spanish market

Coaching Programme organised by Energetic Coaching - IAS

Second session
Date to be defined
Cagliari Airport
German market