Olbia Airport has signed the "Toulouse Declaration" for the decarbonisation of Aviation

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport has signed the "Toulouse Declaration", the European document that strengthens the aviation industry's commitment to a net zero emissions.

With the signing of more than 200 other European airports belonging to ACI-Airport Council International Europe, the "Toulouse Declaration" marks a new chapter in Europe’s journey towards aviation’s net zero 2050 goal.
With the Toulouse Declaration, for the first time, European governments, the European Commission, industry, trade unions and other key stakeholders  formally align on the decarbonisation of aviation industry.

It is a highly significant moment, paving the way for the concrete next steps, both in the establishment of an EU Pact for Aviation Decarbonisation, and globally as we look to the UN’s ICAO to set a global goal for international aviation.