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Discover the measures adopted by Olbia Airport to contain Covid 19

Olbia Airport
has implemented some measures in order to ensure to their passengers to travel safely.

  • Disinfection and sanitizing protocols have been adopted for the environments based on current regulations;
  • The disinfection of all areas of the Terminal, of the toilets, of the catering areas, of the contact surfaces, of the vehicles used for the transport of passengers and of the working environments of airport staff is carried out periodically;
  • Thermal imaging cameras have been installed in the arrivals and departures area that detect body temperature;
  • Access to the Terminal is allowed to passengers, companions and operators only if they wear the mask correctly;
  • Numerous disinfectant solution dispensers have been installed in all areas of the main Terminal, inside the Car Rental Terminal and in the Parking area;
  • In order to ensure interpersonal distancing, access and exits from the terminal have been regulated;
  • Appropriate signs have been installed in order to regulate flows and avoid any possible gathering;
  • All the dining areas have also been reorganized in order to ensure appropriate spacing.

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport has obtained the Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) certification issued by the Airports Council International (ACI), an international association that represents more than 1,900 airports worldwide. The certification was granted following the evaluation of the health measures and procedures introduced by Geasar following the COVID-19 pandemic and their compliance with the ICAO (International Aviation Organization), EASA-European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the protocol of the European Center. for disease prevention and control (ECDC - Aviation Health Safety Protocol).

Among the elements taken into consideration by ACI for the issue of the Costa Smeralda certification to be noted: the cleaning and disinfection processes of airport spaces; the monitoring of passenger flows and the consequent maintenance of physical distances; the protections provided to staff and effective communication to the passenger through social channels, web and airport platform (monitors, signs, signs, etc.).

General travel information

Olbia airport recommend to passengers to consult The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website in order to have all the information updated and to download self declaration forms requested to travel in the national territory and/or from/to abroad.

Travel guide

Departing from Olbia Airport

  • To get ready for the trip in the most quickly and safely way we recommend to make the online check–in (when it is possbile);
  • If the trip provides for it, we suggest to arrive at the airport with the required self-declaration already filled (please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to know more information and to download forms);
  • Passengers are kindly requested to arrive at the airport on time to carry out all the operations (2h before the departing time);
  • It is appropriate to arrive at the airport already equipped of surgical mask or any other superior (EG. FPP2, FPP3), that it will always be necessary to wear it correctly; if necessary, you can purchase the masks at the Parapharmacy in the arrivals area, at the Olbia Fly Shop in the departures area and at the Trade News kiosk in the departures area after security checks;
  • It is necessary to remember to always maintain the interpersonal distance of 1 meter inside the terminal;
  • At the security checks, each passenger's body temperature will be measured by means of a thermal imaging camera, if this exceeds 37.5 °, this will result in a ban on entry to the departures area and an additional check by the medical staff present in the terminal for necessary investigations;

On arrival at Olbia Airport

  • If the trip provides for it, it is advisable to obtain self-certification before departure (consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updated information and download the necessary forms);
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the passengers' body temperature will be measured by means of a thermal imaging camera, if this exceeds 37.5 ° this will entail an additional check by the health personnel present in the terminal for the necessary checks
  • It is advisable to make sure that you are equipped with a surgical mask or superior which must always be worn inside the Terminal;
  • Remember to always keep an interpersonal distance of 1 meter inside the Terminal.

For any further information contact us:

Tel. +39 0789 563 444 (everyday from 9:00 am-11:00 pm)
WhatsApp +39 345 1542636 (only messages, no vocal calls)

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Geasar S.p.A. has adopted, as a Group guideline, a Model for the protection of Personal Data compliant with European Regulation no. 679/2016, "GDPR". The privacy policy as been updated. A Data Protection Officer has also been appointed and can be contacted by any interested party at the e-mail address: privacy@geasar.it
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