Autunno in Barbagia: The most genuine event in Sardinia


Autumn’s Weekend from September to December

Like an ancient recipe handed down through the generations, Autunno in Barbagia has all the ingredients of an unmistakable plate with the genuine character typical of the Mediterranean cuisine.

The first ingredient is its magnificent area: valleys, canyon, uncontaminated forests, myrtle, strawberry tree and Mediterranean vegetation fragrance. An exciting trekking in the live oaks, adventure trails to explore with a backpack. A sense of freedom accompanies our walk in the green mountains in the heart of Sardinia, the perfect place for unforgettable excursions.

Let’s add some music listening to the cheerful notes of the traditional dancing, symbol of every traditional villages feasts. Through the streets of the villages you can breathe air of light-heartedness and the tenores voices that fascinate all ages visitors with their songs.

The real secret ingredient is culture: the Barbagia’s carnivalis an ancestral ritual known all over the world, characterized by the use of suggestive wooden masks moved by the rhythmical sound of the bells and cowbells. In the past, the communities of shepherds and farmer thought that this masks could have the power to affect the annual crop: for this reason, despite the impressive look, their visit was always appreciated and accompanied by food and drink offering. In many Island villages it’s possible to see the colorful murales which are witnesses of the most significant historical moments and lived with emphasis by local people. We complete our culture itinerary visiting the “Grazia Deledda” Nobel Prize, able to touch everyone with her tales and detailed descriptions of a beloved and respected area. 

The archaeology: the nuraghi, the giant’s tombs and sacred sources. You can discover the ancient civilization life thanks to long walks in a timeless trave, between fairies houses shrouded in legend.

The recipe ends at the table with the genuineness of a healthy and tasty cuisine. In Sardinia, the physical and psychological well-being search is easier than you can image, thanks to the land’s products and the typical dishes. The Sardinian cuisine, which is extremely varied, has been enriched by the time from the copious exchanges between the different Mediterranean cultures and preserves the ancient and rich heritage of flavours. Each area of the Island boasts his own tradition: in Barbagia it is possible to find the ancient cuisine, made of food that tells about a territory characterized by the agro-pastoral culture.

Fresh cheese with delicate flavor or seasoned with a strong taste, always accompanied by fragrant bread, cooked in traditional wood oven. A glass of good wine accompanies every meal.The known hospitality of Sardinia can be seen especially in small, genuine and true acts.

Macarrones, Malloreddos e Culurgiones: the fresh pasta of the Island has particular names but a simple flavor, able to seduce every palate. Unique flavors intensified by an ancient culinary art, which are the expression of an Island with a long history and strong traditions, such as those we can find in the cooking of high quality grilled meats, in the preparation of cold cuts and preserves, and in delicious typical craftsmanship sweets prepared for the most important moments.

A world full of palate pleasure in a land where the most long-lived people of Europe live.

Live a thousand adventures in the heart of Sardinia, where all ingredients come together in a long life elixir.

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