Information for passengers departing to national destinations in Italy: The Decree of 11/06/2020 issued new measures to contain the COVID 19 epidemic spread in Italy.

The Decree of 11 June 2020 issued new measures to contain the COVID 19 epidemic spread in Italy.

In particular, for air transport the obligation to comply with the interpersonal distancing of 1 meter on board the aircraft is confirmed, ( as well as inside the terminals and other airport facilities).

With reference to on board distancing obligation, it is underlined that derogation is allowed only if the carrier ensures all the following conditions:

• The air on board the aircraft is renewed every three minutes, the flows are vertical and HEPA filters are adopted;
• Specific health safety protocols are adopted, namely:
1. temperature measurement before boarding to the aircraft (if the temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, access on board must be prohibited). This measurement is added to the measurement of the temperature on arrival and departure at all national airports;
2. guarantee the maximum duration of the surgical mask does not exceed 4 hours, providing for replacement for longer periods;
3. the boarding and disembarkation of passengers, as well as the reaching of the assigned seat, must be individually regulated in order to avoid close contacts;
4. a specific self-declaration that the passenger has not had close contacts with people suffering from COVID 19 disease in the the last two days, before the onset of symptoms and up to 14 days after the onset of symptoms is acquired at the time of the online check-in or at the airport or, in any case, before boarding on flights departing from or with destination to national airports;
5. to acquire the passenger's commitment to communicate, for the purpose of traceability of contacts, to the carrier and to the competent territorial health authority, the onset of occurring COVID 19 symptoms within 8 days from disembarkation from the aircraft;
6. large hand luggage is not carried on board.

It is underlined that the above provisions must be respected by all carriers operating in Italy regardless of nationality.

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