Information to departing passengers


Based on the recent Decree Law 22 April 2021, n. 52 in force since April 26, 2021, national travel is allowed freely between regions classified as yellow.

Movements into and out of regions classified in orange and red for reasons of necessity, urgency, work, health reasons, return to home and/or residence (including second homes) are allowed by submitting only the self-certification form of the Ministry of the Interior.

For travel in and out of regions classified in orange and red for reasons other than those listed above (e.g. tourism, visits to relatives, friends, other) it is necessary to present, in addition to the self-certification form, alternatively a certificate of vaccination (both doses scheduled for no more than 6 months), a certificate of successful recovery from Covid19 (no later than 6 months) or the negative outcome of a molecular or antigenic swab performed no later than 48 hours after departure. Children under two years of age are exempt from the test.

Attention: we remind to read the information about arrivals in Sard‌inia based on the ordinance of Sardinia Region (valid until May 14 2021) which provides further provisions about travel to Sardinia.

Click here
 for the Self-Certification Form for domestic travel (only Italian version available). 
Passengers are kindly requested to hand over the completed form to the Police in the departure area

Click here for the Health Self-Declaration (required for all domestic flights). Passengers are kindly requested to hand over the completed form to the gates if it has not already been completed and sent online to the air carrier’s website.

FAQ Frequently asked questions on the measures taken by the Government to contain COVID-19 infection under Decree Law No. 30 of 13 March 2021 and the Prime Minister's Decree of 2 March 2021.


Entrance in Italy from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are only allowed for italian citizen resident in Italy before April 29 2021 and for people specifically authorized by the Ministry of Healh.
People who are in the national territory that from April 15 to 28 2021 have stayed or transit in India or Bangladesh or Sri Lanka, even if asymptomatic, must give notice to the ASL of reference, get a molecular or antigen test, self-isolate for 10 days and get a new test at the end of the self-isolation.
Current restrictions for the antrance from countries C, D and E are extendend until May 15 2021.

Click here for the detailed information for travels from abroad

Click here for the Self-Declaration Form in case of entry into Italy

For more information regarding all travel to/from abroad we invite you to visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the dedicated section and consult the site Viaggiare Sicuri (only Italian version available) or to contact the public utility number 1500 from Italy and from abroad the numbers +39 0232008345 - +39 0283905385 of the Ministry of Health.

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