Olbia Airport has achieved the important accreditation at level 2 of the ACI Europe Carbon Accreditation



Geasar has always operated in respect for current environmental regulations and since 2009 has carried out its activities according to the requirements of the International Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

In October 2019 Olbia Airport achieved the important accreditation result at level 2 of the ACI Europe Carbon Accreditation, becoming part of the group of over 250 airports in the world that have voluntarily decided to play their part in the fight against climate change, adhering to the international program of ACI Europe "Airport Carbon Accreditation" (ACA), aimed at the reduction and sustainable management of atmospheric emissions.

The project, which was set up in 2009 with the aim of improving the environmental sustainability of airports through concrete and shared actions, provides for four progressive levels with which airports map, reduce, optimise and lastly neutralise their CO2 emissions.

The process begins with the first step, the “Mapping” of emissions, followed by the second, “Reduction”. The next step, “Optimisation” is reached by working on the reduction of not only the company’s emissions into the atmosphere, but also those of the other companies situated within the airport area. Lastly, “Carbon Neutral” airports that reach the final stage of the programme, they can invest in carbon compensation through the acquisition of green certificates.

The company has undertaken a process of continuous improvement in minimising negative impact on the environment, with the final objective of becoming a “Carbon Neutral” airport within the next 5-7 years. To this end, the company has presented investments for increasing energy efficiency, as well as programmes for training aimed at stimulating behavioural changes in staff and all the players in the system.

These commitments for improvement are set out in the Quality and Environmental Protection Plan presented to the Italian Civil Aviation Authority for the next four years, which provides for the definition of a set of environmental indicators with regards to which Geasar has made a commitment to the Authority.

The objectives identified have been chosen on the basis of the actual efficiency of the interventions carried out under the environmental profile, considered in the multiplicity of its parts, avoiding a focus on simply adopting the “latest generation” technologies, but rather by focusing on the improvement of the overall energy balance of the system, including requested processes and the disposal of decommissioned technology.

The areas for environmental improvement for which improvement goals have been identified regard:

Energy saving: the installation of new lighting systems in place of the existing system, with low-consumption units (LED, fluorescents, etc.); as of today approximately 35% of the electrical consumption of the Group regards lighting for the terminal and external areas such as the aprons, the car parks and the access roadways;

Production of alternative energy from renewable sources: the production of electricity via the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofing of the car parks, integrated into the facades and on passenger shelters;
Management and treatment of waste: detailed separation of non-hazardous waste in order to maximise reuse or recycling;

Staff training: progressive refresher courses, training and information for the entire workforce with regards to the environmental certification obtained by Geasar, the environmental aspects/impacts produced by Geasar and the activities implemented in order to reduce said impacts, as well as the correct management of environmental impacts produced by individual employees in the course of their working activity.


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