Start Consultation Procedure about the proposed revision of airport fees


GEASAR S.p.A. Company – Main trustee of the entire management of Olbia airport “Costa Smeralda” notified to ART to have planned for February 14th 2020 the consultation members starting procedure about the revision of the airport fees 2019-2022, according to the “Model 3 for the regulation of airport fees for airports with traffic of less than 3 million” (“Model 3” below) issued by the Transport Authority (“ART” below) with decision 92/2017 of July 6th 2017.

With the notification acknowledgement published by ART on its website on February 12th 2020 ( the Consultation of Users has definitely opened.


In Compliance with ENAC guidelines n.1/2018 which define “all modes for the annual definition of the PRM fee and the consultation procedure between airport operator and Users” (“PRM guidelines” below), the company has simultaneously started the Consultation Users procedure concerned to the proposed revision of PRM fee for the year 2020.

In order to the revision of airport fees, the Company provided the Consultation Document and all the documentation that contains information foreseen from the paragraph 4.1.1. point 3 of the model 3. The Company has also make available the 
“Consultation Document” related to PRM guidelines in order to the revision of PRM fee.

The just mentioned Documentation will be available to airport Users through the access to the reserved area, with all the modes available in the section “how to access the documentation”, throughout the consultation period.



The Public Hearing will take place on March 18th 2020 at 11:00 at Olbia Airport – Company headquarters.

Interested Parties may send their comments regarding the documentation to the PEC e-mail address: no later than March 13th 2020.

Airport Users which are interested to participate to the Public Hearing must confirm the presence not later than March 11th 2020 to the address, to permit to the society to carry out all the organisational an logistic aspects of the meeting.

Documentation Access mode

The Documentation related to all the indications of Model 3 and to all the PRM guidelines can be downloaded from this link which will provide the addressing to a Reserved Area.

After the nondisclosure subscription (download here) to be sent to, the User will receive User-ID and password to access to the Documentation.


The tariff-plan is applicable from 01.01.2019 can be downloaded at the following link.


Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Geasar S.p.A. has adopted, as a Group guideline, a Model for the protection of Personal Data compliant with European Regulation no. 679/2016, "GDPR". The privacy policy as been updated. A Data Protection Officer has also been appointed and can be contacted by any interested party at the e-mail address:
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