Strike 17 July 2022

Olbia Airport informs that a national strike has been called for July 17th 2022 from 2 pm to 6 pm .

Flights may be delayed or canceled, we invite passengers to contact the airline for information about their flight.

Olbia Airport - List of flights not operated during strike on 17/07/2022

Da A   Flight Company  Flight
Olbia Roma Fiuicino        Ita Airways   AZ1906
Roma Fiumicino  Olbia   Ita Airways  AZ1907
Milano Linate Olbia   Ita Airways  AZ1926
Olbia  Milano Linate   Ita Airways  AZ1929
Olbia Milano Linate Volotea V71142
Milano Linate Olbia Volotea V71143
Olbia Bergamo Volotea V71315
Olbia Roma Fiumicino Volotea V71134
Olbia  Genova Volotea V71657
Genova Olbia Volotea V71656
Verona Olbia Volotea V71778
Paris Charles de Gaulle  Olbia Air Fance AF1020
Olbia  Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France AF1021
Ginevra Olbia  Easyjet  DS1503
Olbia Ginevra   EasyJet
Londra Gatwich Olbia  EasyJet U28677
Olbia Londra Gatwich  EasyJet U28678
Milano Malpensa Olbia   EasyJet EC2907
Olbia Milano Malpensa  EasyJet EC2908
Venezia Olbia  EasyJet EC3395
Olbia Bergamo  EasyJet EC3369
Bergamo Olbia  EasyJet EC3370
Olbia  Venezia  EasyJet EC3396
Amsterdam Olbia  EasyJet EC7985
Olbia Amsterdam  EasyJet EC7986
Berlino Olbia  EasyJet EC4589
Olbia  Berlino  EasyJet EC4590
Parigi Orly Olbia  EasyJet EC4219
Olbia  Parigi Orly  EasyJet EC4220
Milano Malpensa Olbia  EasyJet EC2905
Olbia  Milano Malpensa  EasyJet EC2906
Milano Malpensa Olbia  EasyJet EC2903
Olbia Milano Malpensa  EasyJet EC2904