Enac Ordinance governing vehicular traffic at Olbia Costa Smeralda airport

Given the need to regulate the legislation of parking and road traffic in the areas open to the public of Olbia Airport and the need to offer users adequate and quality services, in order also to solve the operational and security issues arising from congestion of the access roadways and runoff from/to the airport in relation to potential accidental acts and/or emergency situations, ENAC issued the Ordinance N.11/2019 - “Regulation of motor vehicle traffic on the state-owned area of Olbia Airport open to public use" with effective date of April 8th 2019, downloadable at the following Link.

In particular, in the Ordinance are regulated the following aspects:

- Speed limits;
- Free allowance within the Short Term Parking Area, allowed up to a maximum of 3 daily cumulative accesses, for the same car, each not exceeding 10 minutes;
- Possibility of the Airport Manager to rate the daily accesses after the third without any allowance, according to the fares exposed;
- Prohibition of circulation to heavy vehicles;
- Reserved pedestrian crossing;
- Illegal parking, parking areas and forced removal of cars parked and abandoned;
- Parking areas and rules;
- Reserved parking spaces (disabled people, government corporations, emergency vehicles, car rental companies, taxis, rental with drivers, buses);
- Goods loading and unloading operations;
- Unauthorized commercial activities within the airport, such as the presence of people who, not having the specific authorization of the Airport Manager, undertake commercial, promotional or promotional-advertising activities, using or exploiting airport areas, services and/or infrastructures;
- Other first lane access authorizations.
- Inspection bodies and sanctions.

Among other things, it regulates the regime of access to the first lane, for which the subjects authorized to access are:

- Olbia's taxis and the municipalities with which the municipality of Olbia has established agreements (to this day only the municipality of Palau);
- rentals with drivers for vehicles with a capacity exceeding 7 seats;
- urban and extra-urban bus services and non-scheduled buses;
- authorized means of public bodies, not operating in the airport area.

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