Cortesa Company S.r.l. – set up by Geasar at the end of 2006 – was created in order to diversify the fields in which the group can operate, apart from the traditional airport activity.

The concise message contained in its logo, Airports and beyond, perfectly represents the intent to start from the airport environment to aim at goals that go beyond that, through a hands-on management of the activities.
Cortesa, through the brand “Kara”, that in Sardinian language means “face”, wants to portray the best aspects of Sardinia, the authentic and genuine one, and to promote activities that range from the business of typical products, to e-commerce and activities regarding food and beverage.

Cortesa is under the Group's quality system ISO 14001 environmental management standards and ISO 9001 service quality.

The company, controlled by Geasar to 100%, is committed in three development lines:

- parking services for 1100 public stalls located in different parking areas;
- the Retail division made of 3 Karasardegna physical stores (two located inside the air terminal, one in the General aviation terminal) and one on-line shop;
- the Food & Beverage division, with the management of food courts at the airport, which includes:

in the Land Side area:
- Kara Kiosk: an outside catering area at the airport with a grill, pizzeria and outdoor cocktail area;
- Grain & Grapes: a wine bar located near the check-in area and offering a restaurant service mainly focused on fresh pasta, produced in part by our internal workshop;
- Meet & Greet: small snack bar/cafe located in the arrivals hall;
- Kara Food Bar: snack bar in the center of the terminal;
- Kara Food: self-service restaurant/pizzeria located in the center of the terminal. The store also offers a selection of healthy food and fresh fruit

in the Air Side area:

- Kara Cafè: snack bar and pizzeria located in the center of the departures area;
- Fish & Wine: restaurant with an offer mainly focused on fish dishes, seafood salads etc .;
- Time in Jazz: bar/restaurant with a vegetarian offer associated with the barbecue grill. The food court is born from the collaboration between the airport and the Time in Jazz association that organizes every year the famous music festival in the village of Berchidda, the birthplace of the jazz musician Paolo Fresu;
- Fasty: snack bar located in the lower floor offering salads and take-away dishes.

Company name: Cortesa S.r.l.
Location: Costa Smeralda Airport - 07026 Olbia (SS)
P.IVA: 02234650907
Tel. switchboard Administration Office: +39 0789 563 400
Fax: +39 0789 563 401