Travel information - Duty to individual travel document for minors

From 26 June 2012, all Italian minors will be required to present an individual travel document (passport or, if the crossed countries recognise its validity, identity card or other valid form of identification) in order to cross borders.

On the website of the European Union, on the page dedicated to the documents required for travel, the following notice is valid for EU citizens:
"Controls are no longer carried out at the internal borders of 22 EU countries. This is possible thanks to the Schengen legislation, which is part of EU law. With this legislation, all internal border controls have been eliminated, but effective controls have been introduced at the EU's external borders and a common visa policy has been established. All EU countries are full Schengen members, except Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland belong to the Schengen area although they are not part of the EU. Travelling to the five non-Schengen countries and crossing the EU's external borders therefore requires a valid passport or identity card. However, when travelling in the EU it is always best to carry your documents with you for identification and security reasons. The only valid identity card is the one issued by your national administration. Make sure that children travelling with you each have their own ID card or passport, or that they are registered on yours. However, as of 26 June 2012, all children travelling will be required to present their own passport or identity card (although they may continue to appear on their parents' passport)."

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