Two quick solutions for the transport of typical products!

Karasardegna, the shop of typical Sardinian products of Geasar, the managing company of Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, has designed two new solutions that allow all passengers to buy any typical Sardinian product without any kind of restriction!

Here are the two solutions we propose:
1) after the security controls there is a Kara Sardegna point of sale where it is possible to buy and take on board every kind of liquid product; 
2) if you are in the Karasardegna point of sale located before the security checkpoint, we give you the possibility to send directly home everything you cannot or do not want to bring on board.

If the amount spent exceeds € 49 the shipping is free throughout the Italian territory.

In both cases, Karasardegna and Geasar guarantee the absolute safety of the products purchased.

For further Information:
Kara Sardegna
Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport
Tel.: +39 0789 563470/563423
[email protected]