This section contains information about the certifications obtained by the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport management company.

Geasar spa wanted to implement an integrated certification system to guarantee all the standards interesting its activities.
The Certification Bodies are ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) for Airport Certificates and Airport Service Provider Certificates and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), accredited by Accredia, for integrated certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.

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Geasar is certified by ENAC, in compliance with circular APT 02A of 25 January 2007, as the service provider of ground handling.
The certificate shall possess the eligibility requirements set out in Article. 13 D. lg. n. 18/1999 to ensure appropriate standards of sevices of aircraft ground handling, cargo and passengers.
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The "environment" factor represents for Geasar a strategic element in the Group's corporate policy. The company is aware that an economic strategy aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their activities is beyond the requirements of the law, an essential element for its success, for the operation of the airport, for the satisfaction of the user and responds to requirements for environmental improvement expected from the area in which the company operates. The environmental certification, obtained from Geasar in 2009, provides an Environmental Management System established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

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Geasar considers the protection of the Health and Safety of its workers (SSL), to those of its subsidiaries Cortesa Srl and Eccelsa S.r.l., and all those who interact with the airport system a priority.
In this context, the Company is engaged in an active and certificated Safety Management program which meets the requirements of OHSAS 18001/2007 since July 8th, 2011. Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is the second airport in Italy having this type of certification.

Certificate OHSAS18001

The Quality Management System represents for Geasar a tool for the achievement of the quality purposes, a "modus operandi" and a necessary condition to create a real organization and able to compete with increasingly challenging markets, because capable of ensuring the Customer the assurance of a high quality standard.
For this reason Geasar implemented since 19/10/2010 a Quality Management System according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, which is part of an Integrated Management System for Quality - Environment - Safety. The ISO9001 Quality System also handles matters related to the Service Charter of the Airport.
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Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport was certified by ENAC on September 30th , 2004.
The certificate was issued following careful verification of conformity with the safety requirements of ENAC Regulations for Construction and Operation of Airports (transposing ICAO Annex 14).
The airport was considered to comply with the requirements imposed by the regulations for the construction and operation of airports for both airport's physical characteristics (infrastructure, equipment, systems, surrounding areas) and for the organization and operation (its resources, staff and procedures).
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Geasar is aimed at developing a culture of safety across all airport activities, knowing that all those who work in the airport contribute, in different ways, to secure the ground and flight operations.

After obtaining the Certificate of Airport N ° I-008/APT ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) 30/09/2004 Geasar established in December 2007, the Safety Management System (SMS) of Olbia, a special structure dedicated to identify the dangers of airport operations, their assessment and management of associated risks, including actions to be taken to mitigate the risk. The Safety Management System is part of the responsibility of top management. Safety is a high priority in all Geasar activities as it allows to protect the airport's main asset, as well as the customer/passenger.

Geasar deals with the development, improvement and implementation of appropriate strategies, systems and management processes in order to ensure that all airport activities confirm the highest level of security, and meet all national and international standards.

The Safety Management System uses the following tools to ensure the safety of the airport:

The Reporting System implementation, one of the key elements of the S.M.S. gives effect to a monitoring safety standards, through the inclusion in a database of events occurring in airport operations.
Any abnormal event contains the elements which, if properly investigated and known, can be the basis to implement the appropriate corrective actions, so that the event does not happen again.
Anyone, especially each subject is required to cooperate with airport security programs bringing the airport as soon as possible of any event which may have or have had a minor impact on the safety of operations, using the reporting form "Ground Safety report "below.
The form can be downloaded in PDF format and can be sent to the email address marina.giua@geasar.it or by fax to the following number 0789 563 401.

Download Ground Safety Report

The internal audits system (auditing) follows an annual program, is a function to monitor compliance with the relevant requirements of the operations. This activity includes a feedback system to the accountable manager to ensure the effective implementation of corrective actions as needed.
The auditors come from operating areas and therefore have a proven experience in the activities to verify, have access to all parts of the organization, as well as subcontractors, the Audit system is independent: it responds directly, through the Safety Manager, to the Accountable Manager.

The S.M.S. provides for the establishment of two committees for the management of all the problems emerging from the reporting and auditing: the Safety Board and the Safety Commettee.
The Safety Board meets to evaluate and share the results of the internal audits system (auditing) and the analysis of the reporting system by establishing corrective actions and evaluating the results of the activities carried out.
The Safety Board is internal to Geasar and is composed of the Safety Manager, the top management and operational managers (Post Holderd).
The Safety Commettee is outside the Geasar company and is composed of representatives at the summit of all companies operating at Olbia Airport. The Safety Board and the Safety Committee establish appropriate corrective actions to strengthen the airport security. In addition to the committees described above, at Olbia Airport was established the Local Runway Safety Team on 25th May 2010 (LRST), as required by ENAC Circular APT30, which aims to analyze intrusions into runway and taxiway areas (runway incursion) that constitute an important and potential danger if not properly prevented.


Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport Geasar S.p.A. has adopted, as a Group guideline, a Model for the protection of Personal Data compliant with European Regulation no. 679/2016, "GDPR". The privacy policy as been updated. A Data Protection Officer has also been appointed and can be contacted by any interested party at the e-mail address: privacy@geasar.it
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